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Let's Get Personal!

A 3-week Workshop to Design and Implement a Magnetic Personal Brand

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Presented by Minea Herwitz,
ACC | Coach & Creative, Director of Marketing for ICF San Francisco Bay Area

Minea is a leadership and life coach and digital marketing expert with a 10 year history helping individuals and organizations define and refine their essence to broadcast their most compelling stories to their relevant audiences. 

Are you a passionate person on a mission to help others?

Are you looking to amplify your impact, scale your  online business, and look good doing it?

We know that people still judge books by their cover.

So let's make a stunning cover that acts as a magnet to pull in and retain your relevant audience.

In this workshop, you will walk away with . . .

Personal Branding workshop, you say?
Here it is in a nutshell:

Three 90 minute workshops. They’ll be practical, engaging, and fun.
They will help you whether you’re a coach or not, building a business or just gaining clarity in life.

Besides fresh ideas and content from me, they’ll practical hands-on workshopping on your brand assets: website, logo, colors, etc. (you applying the principles directly to your channels), and one big Q&A session. All on Zoom.

Recorded and available for 30 days if you can’t make the live sessions.

What people are saying . . .

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“Minea is a branding wizard. In a single session I came away with a new sense of self and we took my business to a whole new level.”

Lamiaa Daif, Executive & Somatic Coach

Less than $350 for (almost) five hours personal brand work with me? Bargain.

If you’re doing the math, you’d be paying about 175USD per 60-min session for 1:1 personal branding sessions with me, for a total of at least 525USD for 3 sessions.


In the group format, you're gaining all the benefits of 1:1 work PLUS getting the power of the group's energy behind you, for only 115USD per 90 minute session. 

And to sweeten the deal . . . 
Win a free session with me!!

I consider myself a pretty good coach, which is a bold statement from someone who is relatively young as a coach. But as a personal brand consultant, I am in my element.


You’ll have an hour with me, and I’ll bring all my experience as a coach, content creator, film producer, and a pretty successful marketing consultant to our conversation.


We can talk about stuff that’s going well, stuff that needs help, stuff about personal branding, stuff about running a business, stuff about scaling a business, stuff about creating websites and content and podcasts … honestly, the session is yours to do with what you will …


If you win, of course 😁 Registering puts your name in the hat.

Sign up today!

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